Best Paddle Board Kayak Hybrid You Can Consider Buying

No wonder, paddle boarders tend to get tired standing on their feet without any option to sit down. Because paddle boards don’t have back support, it puts strain on the lower back resulting in a herniated disk. This is the situation faced by many paddle boarders, unlike people with kayaks.

However, there are many similarities between a paddle board and a kayak. So, why not put them together so that it relieves your legs? This post lists some of the best paddle board kayak hybrids for you to try. The list ranks Bote Deus Aero as the best pick in this category for good reasons.

The Bote Deus Aero has intuitive features that stand out from the rest in its class. It has an uplifted and comfortable seat, deep sidewalls, superior construction, and so on. Apart from the hybrids featured in the list, the post covers what to look for when buying the best paddle board kayak hybrid. So let’s get started.


Top Paddle Board Kayak Hybrids


The best paddle board kayak combo has all the versatility while giving you the best features from both of them. These hybrids will bridge the gap between both worlds to provide sheer pleasure on the water.

    • Top Pick – Bote Deus Aero
    • Variety of Sizes – Bluefin Cruise SUP Package
    • Premium Pick – Bote Lono Aero
    • Popular Pick – iRocker All-Round 11
    • Budget Pick – Tahe Beach 11’6″

1. Bote Deus Aero (Top Pick)

If you are looking for a SUP kayak hybrid that has a comfortable and firm surface to sit on while relaxing your back, the Bote Deus Aero is right for you. This hybrid has everything that you need in the best possible way.




  • Dimensions: 11’ x 33” x 14”
  • Materials: Military-grade PVC skin with AeroBOTE construction
  • Weight: 41 LBS
  • Maximum Capacity: 300 LBS


  • Along with the 11 ft hull, it comes with a travel bag
  • It has a removable center fin
  • With a removable foot bar
  • It has ab Aero repair kit
  • Hand pump and an inflatable seat deck

What makes this hybrid a good choice for many people?

To begin with, this hybrid comes with an inflatable design that’s one-of-a-kind. The board uses drop-stitch fibers that distribute the PSI evenly throughout the boat while creating a durable and strong platform. That way, you will feel stable and safe when standing or sitting.

The elevated sides provide stability as well. Also, it allows the gear to stay dry and safe. The Bote Deus Aero is undoubtedly one of the best hybrids if you are looking for some adventure without compromising the basics.

Performance on water

According to the company, this hybrid is considered a beginner model. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great performance on the water. The elevated design of the hybrid gives you comfort and stability when sitting.

When it comes to paddle boarding, it keeps your stuff secure and dry in rough waters. You will love the hybrid’s performance on the water for sure.

Board design

Of all the hybrids that you will find on the market, the Bote Deus Aero is easy to convert. Pop the top of the Deus Aero and it becomes a paddle board. No need to adjust and clip straps on seats. The uplifted seating position helps you sail for many hours and fish.

The cockpit has the self-draining ability and there is no shortage of bungee cords to secure items. In short, kayaking will be a different experience for you when using this hybrid. Also, the hybrid has several safety features that you don’t want to miss.


A travel bag, hand pump, repair kit, removable foot bar, and a center fin of 10 inches are the accessories that are included with the Deus Aero. If you need the kayak to get ready instantly, these are the accessories you should have.

Although the electric pump offers unmatched convenience, it is not included with the hybrid. You need to pay for it separately. There are other accessories that you can buy with the hybrid so that it looks like a modest fishing vessel.

However, the Lono Aero 12.6-foot hybrid from Bote is another great choice if you are thinking about expanding your fishing experience a little bit further.

What do customers say?

Deus Aero has impressive reviews from customers. More than 80% of the reviews are 5-star ratings on Amazon. There is hardly any major negative experience of this SUP kayak hybrid. People loved the construction along with the abundant space for pets and kids.

Most negative reviews are related to deflating the hybrid back. Packing the hybrid back into the bag is what many users didn’t like. As it appears, buying the electric pump is a necessity because it deflates the hybrid properly.


  • Easy conversion between SUP and kayak
  • Blemish and scratch-resistant construction
  • It is enough durable
  • Fits into a backpack with ease and sits fine in the trunk
  • Impressive design in the sit-on-top category


  • Not good for rapids or rough waters
  • A bit uncomfortable seats especially for extended journeys
  • Needs an electric pump to deflate the hybrid conveniently
  • Doesn’t include paddles

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2. Bluefin Cruise SUP Package (Variety of Sizes)

People like to have options in every category and they want the same from kayak hybrids as well. The Bluefin Cruise comes in three variants: 10, 12, and 15 feet for you to choose from.

So, whether you are an adult or a youth, Bluefin has you covered with these options. The best part is that the company even introduced a junior version of the hybrid for kids.

If you are not sure about the size you want, the company recommends the 10.8-foot board for riders with 187 pounds and below 6 feet in height. The 12-foot version is perfect for riders with more than 187 pounds and 6 feet.




  • Size(LxWxD): 10’8″X32″X6″
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Built: 1000 Denier PVC Exo Laminate Surface with Weave Drop stitch
  • Capacity: 330 pounds


  • UV Resistant (Hq Coating)
  • Military Grade (PVC Construction)
  • High Pressure (Laminated Finish)
  • Super Reinforced ( Composite Dropstitch)
  • Thermosealed
  • Portable and Travel Friendly

What makes this hybrid a good choice for many people?

There is more than one thing that makes the hybrid stand out from the rest. The conversion paddle and the kayak seat comes bundled with this great hybrid. In addition, the accessories that the Company included are noteworthy.

The dual pump is quite effective in comparison with others you find often. You can mount an action camera to capture special moments while keeping it safe. The backpack is great and makes packing easy.

Sometimes, the inflatable kayak doesn’t fit in the bag smoothly. But Bluefin provides you with a bag that has enough room. Packing the kayak will be easier even after paddling for many hours.

Performance on water

When it comes to versatility, the Cruise SUP Package does well. The hydrodynamic design allows it to glide across the water with little effort. The deck has a non-slip pad that keeps you upright.

For large riders, there is an option to upgrade to a bigger board for maximum stability. The cargo net secures your belongings when you are surfing on the water. If you seek all-around abilities from a hybrid, this inflatable kayak won’t make you unhappy.

Board design

Guy Standing on a Kayak

If you want a sturdy yet light hybrid, the Cruise SUP Package is the best deal. The nose is a bit narrow while the board has a wide stance suitable for almost every water condition.

The conversion kit for the seat works great without trouble. Besides, the seat has a well-built construction and will provide great support. Even if you use the kayak for an extended period, the seat will still be comfortable.


A camera mount, dual-action pump, and backpack are the accessories included with this hybrid. Also, there are fiberglass paddles, a repair kit, and a waterproof case to hold your smartphone.

What do customers say?

As it appears, most customers are satisfied with the hybrid and it is evident by the positive reviews. Owners appreciated its sturdiness and customer service the most. They got value for their money, too. Customers were happy about packing the hybrid in the backpack with the least effort. People are looking to make their experience better and this hybrid provides them with everything they need.

  • Easy-to-use pump that helps the board inflate within minutes
  • The fiberglass is adjustable and lightweight
  • A smooth camera mount makes it easy and safe to capture memories
  • Comes in three sizes for people to choose from
  • A bit heavier than some models
  • Inexperienced riders will find it difficult to maneuver
  • Some users complained about issues relating to the leaking main valve

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3. Bote Lono Aero (Premium Pick)




It’s a 12.6 feet SUP kayak hybrid that offers versatility. If money isn’t a constraint for you, the Bote Lono Aero will please you. This is another great hybrid you can find right now. It is a popular choice and you should consider checking it out.


  • Size(LxWxD): 12’6″X35.5″X20″
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Materials: PVC skin military grade and AeroBOTE construction
  • Capacity: 400 pounds


  • Magnepod Accessory Attachment Point. magnetic base is a revolutionary, tool-less drink retention system that makes securing your BOTE magnetic drinkware a snap.
  • BOTE magnetic drinkware a snap
  • APEX Pedal Port
  • APEX Link Bar Connector
  • Power Pole Micro Attachment Point

What makes this hybrid a good choice for many people?

To begin with, this hybrid is well-built and designed keeping certain things in mind. This hybrid will help you to become an advanced rider even if you are starting as a beginner. The magnet pod can hold cups without spillage on the board.

Setting up the seat is a hassle-free experience. It has a comfortable seat as well. The Bote Lono Aero 12.6 feet comes with plenty of features that many cheap inflatable models don’t have.

Performance on water

This hybrid is amazingly stable and gives you a smooth ride on the water. Whether you are kayaking or paddleboarding, this hybrid makes you feel stable and safe. When you are kayaking, this boat is not only reliable in water but also fast.

If you want more speed, you can add pedal drive. When you are paddleboarding, you will stay upright. However, you may have some difficulties while maneuvering through the winds because of the kayak’s elevated design.

You may add pedal drive if you wish to travel with more speed. It will convert the hybrid into a pedal kayak. If you love to fish in areas with less water depth, this hybrid features side fins and a keel guard.

Board design

The board design of this hybrid is top-quality and built to last for many years to come. The AeroBOTE is a patented technology that comes equipped with this hybrid. It is both tough and durable. The board is rigid and gives you a good ride in rough water.

The elevated seat position and deep sidewalls make your kayak experience amazing. If you attach rudders and a rear top, you can have an unforgettable kayak experience. If you prefer pedals, the Bote Lono Aero comes with a pedal port. You can use the same to provide power to the kayak.

As such, you can have another way to propel the kayak for a longer duration. Moreover, you get a great workout for your legs and arms at the same time. You get lots of ports with this hybrid. The bungee connections and D-rings secure your gear. The Magnepod Floor on the deck is magnetic.

It keeps magnetic accessories and drinkware secured to the board’s floor without extra tools. Even if you want to take aboard a cooler, the KULA port present on the hybrid can perfectly hold a KULA 5.


Although the hybrid doesn’t include a paddle, it is equipped with other accessories. It comes with a sand spear, RAC receivers, a repair kit, a center fin, a backpack, and a hand pump. The boat comes with an adjustable 5-piece paddle making paddling comfortable and easy regardless of the height of the rider.

What do customers say?

The reviews on Amazon show that owners are satisfied with this hybrid. They say that setting up and taking down the kayak is easy. Some customers say that it is hard to handle the kayak when there is wind because of the elevated walls in the boat. Adaptability is what many users like about the boat.

  • The kayak stays stable because of a rigid base
  • Enough handles to carry it with ease
  • Plenty of space to hold gear
  • Highly adaptable even with accessories
  • A bit expensive
  • No paddle included
  • A bit difficult to maneuver through strong winds

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4. iRocker All-Round 11 (Popular Pick)

This is another popular SUP kayak hybrid you can find around. After adding the conversion kit, the hybrid works great.


  • Size(LxWxD): 11’X32″X6″
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Materials: Triple-layer PVC military grade with drop stitch
  • Capacity: 435 pounds


  • Premium Wheel Bag
  • 3-Piece Adjustable Sup Travel Paddle
  • Double Chamber Hand Pump
  • 4 Multi-Use Action Mounts
  • 20 D-Rings For Gear Storage, Attachments, And Towing
  • 3 Flip-lock Removable Fins
  • Ankle Leash With Key Pocket

What makes this hybrid a good choice for many people?

If you are planning to buy a versatile and flexible hybrid, the All-Round 11 from iRocker is the right choice. This hybrid is the best solution for a variety of environments. This board is your perfect touring companion thanks to its long and slim design.

The best part is that it has a high weight capacity. It means that you can have your kids or more gear on the hybrid. The handles that you find at the front of the boat make it easier for your kids to hang on them especially when the boat is taking a turn.

The pump works remarkably well and you won’t feel exhausted when packing the deflated boat in the bag. Besides, the deflated boat gets fitted on the bag easily. Additionally, it is easy to take down and set up. It is highly recommended to buy the electric pump to make things easy for you when on the water.

Performance on water

The hybrid is stiff and has enough stability to make your riding experience better. You can carry passengers or extra gear with ease. It can maintain a decent speed. Furthermore, it offers modest maneuverability and glides well. The board works fine even with extra weight. It has a maximum capacity of 435 pounds. Sometimes, you may need a little extra effort to handle the board well.

Board design

Whether you are an experienced or novice rider, the 11-foot board works great. The board has a balance of speed, maneuverability, and stability. Many people who bought the hybrid didn’t have problems riding conveniently.

If you want to convert the hybrid to make it suitable for kayaking, you have to buy the conversion kit. The iRocker All-Round 11 conversion kit is simple to install and comfortable enough.


The accessories include a safety leash, three fins, a hand pump, a repair kit, and a carbon matte design paddle. However, you have to purchase the conversion kit separately. It will include everything that you need for kayaking and sitting upright.

What do customers say?

Having extra room to carry gear or even passengers is what makes most customers happy. And, iRocker built a hybrid that caters to the needs of people. They are impressed with the weight capacity.

The maximum weight capacity allows you to take your gear, kids, and pets on the board. Moreover, they liked its durability, rigidness, and built quality. Some customers aren’t satisfied with their services.

  • High weight capacity
  • Includes lightweight paddle
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Not good for choppy water
  • Doesn’t include a fishing rack or sand spear mounts

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5. Budget Pick: Tahe Beach 11’6″




For people who are on a budget, Tahe Beach is a good hybrid that allows you to enjoy several hours on the water.

Specifications –
  • Size (LxWxD): 11’6″X36″X6″
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Materials: Military grade 6-inch drop stitch
  • Capacity: 440 pounds


  • Stable and lightweigh
  • 2-in-1 inflatable kayak & paddle board package for 1 or 2-person use. Maximum stability for XXL riders
  • Lightweight (25lbs/11.4kg)
  • Ultra-Durable
  • Optional kayak seats, footrests and hybrid paddles sold separately

What makes this hybrid a good choice for many people?

Other than being affordable, this hybrid comes with several intuitive features worth checking. The lightweight design makes it easy for you to transport while packing it up easily. The high load capacity allows you to bring extra passengers or gear.

If you have a family that loves to get on the water, this hybrid should be the right choice. It should be your best investment because you don’t have to think about getting a canoe.

Performance on water

The wide stern gives you a stable and smooth ride. The narrow bow glides through the water smoothly while maintaining a decent speed. It is wise to avoid treacherous surfing on the hybrid. It is a great flatware overall and perfect for family and touring use.

Board design

Because the rail stringers are reinforced, you will get a stable and rigid ride. The 36 inches width helps you get a stable ride as well. Moreover, you will have a kayak kit with the hybrid. It will come with two chairs that allow you to bring another passenger. Furthermore, you can personalize the seat location to achieve a ride full of comfort.

Woman kayak on the sea


The accessories include two footrests, two removable seats, and two paddles. Besides, you get three flex fins, a repair kit, a two-way pump, and a backpack. When it comes to accessories, this hybrid is equipped with intuitive features that many boards fail to deliver.

What do customers say?

Most people found this hybrid extremely useful. Also, they find it easy to install and roll on. However, some customers are unhappy because of the absence of detailed instructions on how to operate the board effectively. Buyers need to scan the QR code and download the instructions if they want.

  • It is one of the lightest options
  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Pro features included
  • Not a good option for advanced riders
  • Downloading the manual off the internet might not be the best solution for many buyers

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Bote Deus Aero 11’ x 33” x 14” Military-grade PVC skin with AeroBOTE construction 41 LBS 300 LBS    
Bluefin Cruise SUP Package 10’8″X32″X6″ 1000 Denier PVC Exo Laminate Surface with Weave Drop stitch 37 LBS 330 LBS    
Bote Lono Aero 12’6″X35.5″X20″ PVC skin military grade and AeroBOTE construction 51 LBS 400 LBS    
iRocker All-Round 11 11’X32″X6″ Triple-layer PVC military grade with drop stitch 26 LBS 435 LBS    
Tahe Beach 11’6″ 11’6″X36″X6″ Military grade 6-inch drop stitch 25 LBS 440 LBS    


Pros & Cons of a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Kayak Hybrid

Understand the pros and cons of SUP kayak hybrids to help you determine the right hybrid for your needs. Also, it will make you confident about buying a hybrid and why the investment is worthwhile.

  • Saves you money
  • Don’t have to buy SUP and kayak separately
  • Hybrids provide flexibility
  • Allows you to adjust the position to counter rough or calm waters
  • Helps you use muscles when taking longer trips
  • Hybrids may not have comfortable seating options like kayaks have
  • A hybrid may not perform well compared to a specialized, high-quality SUP or kayak
  • Kayakers have to wait for some time for adjustment when they start using SUP kayak hybrids

What makes a paddleboard kayak hybrid amazing?

Consider the following factors before buying a good paddleboard kayak hybrid.

  • Ensure that the hybrid comes with a conversion paddle. Make sure that it works well when paddle boarding or kayaking. If not, you have to buy another one separately.
  • Prefer hybrids that offer enough deck space. There are many advantages of having a deck with lots of space. As such, you can have camping gear, fishing gear, or even passengers with ease. Keep in mind that when you have maximum capacity on your board, you can have more possibilities with it when riding.
  • Try to choose hybrids that have higher capacity in terms of weight. Even if you have little weight, the higher capacity allows you to carry passengers or gear. You don’t have to worry about carrying your pets, kids, or gear for your trips. It is always good to get a big boat because you will have sufficient room to carry stuff or passengers. A small board will have less room
  • D-rings allow you to attach items to the kayak. So, make sure that the hybrid has at least two D-rings. The more D-rings you have on your board, the better. Almost every manufacturer has two D-rings on the models.
  • Opt for a craft that can hold a minimum of 15 PSI to inflate. As a result, it will help improve the rigidity of the board. You will get the performance that you expect from a SUP kayak hybrid. Therefore, make sure that the board you want to purchase has a minimum of 15 PSI.
  • You will want to buy a board that comes with great stability. A hybrid with at least 32 inches of width is good, especially for beginners. Anything less will be hard to balance in wavey waters.

Can SUPs turn into hybrids?

If you have a SUP, maybe you are lucky. All you have to do is get a conversion kit and transform it into a hybrid. If your paddle board has everything needed, attach the conversion kit and you are good to go. It will transform your SUP into an impressive kayak.

If your paddle board has everything it needs, the transformation will be easy. You won’t have problems working with the conversion kit. Several manufacturers make conversion packages to get you a high-end seat for your SUP. The packages are easy to install as well. They are less expensive compared to buying a new SUP Kayak hybrid.

Why you should get a SUP kayak hybrid?

Do you enjoy both kayaking and paddleboarding? If yes, hybrids are best for you. They are perfect for people regardless of skill level. In recent times, more and more people are loving the concept of SUP kayak hybrids.

We picked Bote Deus Aero as our favorite because it is well-crafted and designed. It is stiff, rugged, and provides great stability for the riders. The position of the seat is high and comfortable, too. It is perfect for day trips and fishing.

So, what makes the Deus Aero unique? This hybrid has deep walls along with a self-draining cockpit. As such, they keep you dry and your gear safe when paddling. According to online reviews left by the customers, it is clear that they loved Bote Deus Aero for being a versatile ride. If you love fishing and don’t mind spending a little more money, the Lono Aero is the right option for you.

So, those were some of the best SUP kayak hybrids that are available on the market. Each of them comes with useful features that are effective when you are on the water. They offer comfort and easy installation. These hybrids come with reasonable pricing so that people can take their adventure to the next level.


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