The 6 Best Kayak Fishing Life Vests Guide

best kayak fishing life vest

Are you seeking a brand-new best kayak fishing life vests? You need more than the normal ones to hold all your angling equipment. Staying safe out on the water should go to the leading edge of any fishermen’s mind.

Therefore, you must guarantee you have good products for your journey and are outfitted with an appropriate life jacket (a PFD or individual floatation gadget). Nowadays, numerous life vests made particularly for angling come prepared with great deals of practical pockets for keeping gear and making them quickly accessible when you require them promptly.

In this article, we have evaluated the best kayak fishing life vests in 2023 to help keep you risk-free on your following fishing trip. Allow’s start.


Our Best Picks:

  • Stohlquist Angler PFD
  • NRS Chinook OS Angling Lifejacket
  • Kokatat Leviathan Angling Kayak Lifejacket
  • ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Vest
  • NRS Chinook PFD
  • Bassdash Adjustable Angling Life Vest

Ideal Rated Kayak Angling Life Jacket Reviews

Here’s our list of the most effective life jackets for kayak angling and our evaluation of some of the features that make them the best selection to keep you risk-free on your next fishing trip.


1. Stohlquist Angler PFD

best kayak fishing life vest Stohlquist

The United States Coast Guard accepted Type III, Stohlquist Angler PFD at number one. It’s made from high-grade, sturdy, resilient nylon and, most notably for fishing, lots of pockets! It’s a beautiful location to store all the small things that can quickly get lost or drop too far when out on a kayak.

Each of both tool pouches at the front at cushioned with stiff external EVA- a plastic that offers the impact of feeling like rubber to maintain whatever is protected. The rigid nature of the pockets also indicates they function as mini workstations when they’re open, an essential attribute for the fiddly parts of fishing.

It’s well padded, with open sides for added airflow, preserving a water level buoyancy of over 16 pounds. Our only issue is that it can feel cumbersome, but it doesn’t limit paddling in all, and also, considering the convenience and storage space ability, it’s still well worth the money.


  • Excellent storage options
  • Great fit
  • Excellent comfort
  • Type III rated by the US Coast Guard
  • Tough fabric that’s easy to clean


  • The high viz color option is tough to find
  • This PFD doesn’t offer enough reflective material

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2. NRS Chinook OS Angling Lifejacket

best kayak fishing life vest Lifejacket

Second, we have the NRS Chinook OS Fishing Lifejacket. It’s a Type III, US Coastline Guard-approved life vest with 16.5 pounds of floatation, suitable for a day of fishing in a kayak. Comfy with a mesh-reduced back, it has excellent airflow to maintain you cool down on a long hot day out on the water.

Regarding pocket monitoring, The Chinook OS Fishing Lifejacket has many choices to provide you the adaptability to customize your storage space. It has storage space for attractions on the front in both take-on box pockets. Contrasted to the initial Chinook design we considered earlier, this set has more large pockets with even sufficient space for a VHF radio.

With strong zips for added durability and can also be found in a high presence orange shade, we like this life vest and recommend it to anybody looking for something with extra storage. The only drawback is that it’s the most costly alternative on our list.


  • The Chinook is very comfortable to sit in while kayaking and fishing.
  • There are seven points of adjustment on the vest to help with a custom fit.
  • The waist belt helps keep it from riding up your chest while paddling in a kayak.
  • Tool retainer clip so you won’t drop your pliers in the water.
  • Net attachment D-ring at the bottom for wading or fly fishing


  • It was pretty challenging to find any fault with this vest. Even looking through third-party user reviews, they are outstanding.

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3. Kokatat Leviathan Angling Kayak Lifejacket

Kokatat Leviathan Angling Kayak Lifejacket

Another terrific option to take into consideration is The Kokatat Leviathan Angling Lifejacket. Like all other life vests on our listing, it’s a kind III, US Coastguard-approved PFD with everything the modern-day kayak angler needs for a long day out on the water.

First, it gives 17.5 pounds of buoyancy, making it sufficient to maintain you afloat must you unexpectedly fall into the water. But, regardless of having such great buoyancy, it’s never large, and you’ll barely discover you’re using it.

Pocket-wise, it has tons of choices, with 14 overall. Eight zippered for keeping things secure, four harmonized pockets, plus two hand warms to maintain your distribution of the winter cold. Not just that, but Kokatat uses a lifetime warranty. Overall, one of the very best options on the market and a straightforward suggestion.


  • Excellent working space and pocket layout
  • Durable yet breathable
  • The contoured foam feels like a custom vest
  • Adjustable everywhere
  • Unisex that properly fits women


  • Professional-grade means professional price

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4. ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Vest

ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Vest

Next, we have an excellent angling life vest from a Minnesota-based brand name, The Onyx Kayak Angling Vest. Once more, as you’d anticipate, it’s a United States Coast Guard-certified PFD with a low profile and foam cushioning designed mainly for paddling a kayak. This makes it very comfy and also noninvasive; you won’t observe you’re wearing it.

Relating to the pocket and storage area, the Onyx Kayak Angling Vest has four sizes for different uses. First, it has a largemouth cargo pocket that can conveniently fit a VHF radio or pair of pliers; then, it has a one-button push drop-down tray pocket best for a deal with a box.

Finally, it has zippered fleece-lined pockets for keeping other tools and gadgets, so it’s a beautiful life vest for keeping all your essentials around. An excellent alternative for kayak angling and at a genuinely great price that will not break the bank. We like the appearance and layout of this one from Onyx, which we very much suggest.


  • Six adjustments straps
  • High foam back for high back seats
  • Comfortable shoulder pads


  • Tires cut into the sand
  • Not suitable for large crafts

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5. NRS Chinook PFD

best kayak fishing life vest NRS

At number 5, we have another option from NRS, the Chinook PFD, another Type III-like coat best for fishing on a kayak. Like the Stohlquist, it likewise supplies over 16 pounds of buoyancy and is licensed by the US Coastline Guard.

Made from quality PlushFit ™ foam and including a high back design, it’s exceptionally comfortable and also easy to use. With mesh padding and loads of airflow, it’s a fantastic life vest to endure a warm day. The zips are all top quality, supplying numerous adjustments to fit just right.

As you would certainly anticipate on a life vest for kayak fishing, it has several pockets for maintaining whatever is organized out on the water. On the front, it has two big zip pockets that can make appropriate storage compartments for tackle; there are additionally two other pockets to maintain other bits and items you do not intend to shed when paddling. Likewise, we enjoy its device holder pocket to keep pliers and other beneficial devices.


  • Durable 400 deniers ripstop nylon
  • Approved by the US Coast Guard
  • Mesh lower back for breathability
  • The orange option gives high visibility
  • There are several storage pockets available
  • Features a rod holder – go hands-free


  • A premium product at a premium price
  • There’s no size chart available to check what size you need

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6. Bassdash Adjustable Angling Life Vest

best kayak fishing life vest Bassdash

As well as last, yet by no means least, we have the Basssash Adjustable Fishing Life Vest. It’s the least expensive option on our listing, yet ensure you assume it’s alright. With padded air mesh shoulder straps, it offers excellent convenience and breathability to keep you cool down on hot days.

With 18 pockets, it has room for saving your fishing accessories. It produces several bags, keeping different devices like thermostats or fly boxes. Additionally, it has a D ring on the back to affix your angling net, paddle, or anything else you do not want to avoid.

Overall, a good kayak fishing PFD for an affordable cost deserves a location in our top 5.


  • Multipurpose vest
  • It comes with an adjustable suspension system
  • Is reasonable in price
  • Ideal for fishing at night


  • Is susceptible to twisting
  • There are loops on the zipper which can get entangled in lines and lures

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Best PFDs For Kayak Fishing

Stohlquist Fisherman PFD Check Price on Amazon
NRS Chinook OS Fishing Lifejacket Check Price on Amazon
Kokatat Leviathan Fishing Kayak Lifejacket Check Price on Amazon
ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Jacket Check Price on Amazon
NRS Chinook Fishing PFD Check Price on Amazon
Bassdash Adjustable Angling Life Vest Check Price on Amazon



How To Choose an Angling Kayak Life Vest: A Purchaser’s Guide

Before we jump on to our details reviews of kayak angling PFDs, we’ll look at everything you need to know to assist you in choosing one of the most appropriate for your requirements.

Below is our guide on selecting one, and also we’ll consider all the functions that make a life vest the very best.

There are five types of PFDs, each utilized in various situations or for other individuals.

  • Offshore Life Jackets
  • Near-Shore Vests
  • Flotation Protection Help
  • Throwable Gadgets
  • Special-Use Instruments

Each group of PFD has a particular purpose and, therefore, has various attributes that make it suitable. For kayak angling, you’re most likely taking a look at it. The quick answer for those quickly is to select a Kind III or Type V life vest for fishing on a kayak.

The river is a mirror


Offshore Life Jackets

Type I life jackets are used in the rough and remote open oceans where waiting on rescue might take a while. They are built with the optimum buoyancy to ensure the best chance of survival. Therefore, they are often very bulky and improper for kayak fishing.


Near-Shore Vests

Type II life vests are created to be utilized in calmer water where the possibility of rescue is much more likely. Therefore, they’re much less considerable than Type I and more comfortable. Kind II life vests are much more common in entertainment areas for public use.


Flotation Protection Aids

Type III PFDs appropriate for tranquil waters where rescue would come promptly. They’re much less buoyant than the previous kind types but are commonly seen in those taking part in watersports like wakeboarding, web surfers, and also kayakers. The style gives its wearer much mobility and fits to wear on a long day out on the water. We would undoubtedly advise these types for kayaking as well as angling.


Throwable Tools

A type IV PFD is not suggested to be used. It is made so you can throw it in the water for an individual that needs a rescue. You’ll typically see them in a ring form as you see them holding on the side of ships. It gives momentary relief up until the assistance reaches them. It is not recommended for kayakers as it is not wearable, although if you get on a watercraft longer than 16 ′, you’ll be required by law to have one onboard.


Special-Use Instruments

Type V PFDs are special-use life vests for wakeboarding, windsurfer, or kayaking. Having been developed specifically for an activity, they are generally very comfortable and supply much more flexibility for your upper body to fish or paddle.

They’re additionally usually extremely lightweight and have exceptional buoyancy. It’s suggested to always check the label before getting one to check that they are appropriate for kayaking purposes. We’d recommend a Type V life vest for kayak angling too.


Products and also Building

best kayak fishing life vest

Regarding the products used for PFDs, you’ll discover different kinds. The initial obtain their buoyancy from foam and the other from being inflated. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, depending on how you’re using them. Foam PFDs are always buoyant, whereas inflatables need to be raised before they work.


Foam Life Vests

Foam life vests are basic life vests used by most kayakers, where the foam supplies outstanding floatation and comfort and calls for reduced maintenance. On top of that, foam life vests are always buoyant and do not require activation to work. While they’re not relatively as pleasant as a blow-up vest, they’re a lot more well-known for waters-sports tasks because of the additional mobility they give, and they’ll always stay caught up.
The only disadvantage of a foam life vest is that they’re much heavier than an inflated life vest and can be bulkier. Still, many designs have developed them to be minimally intrusive.


Inflatable Life Vests

Blow-up life vests provide even more buoyancy but require to be inflated to be able to function. Some will need to be inflated manually by blowing them up, yet others have a tab you can draw to expand them immediately. The downside to inflatables is that you can only grow them if you’re conscious.
They likewise call for regular maintenance checks. So, for example, if they’re immediately inflating, the CO2 cartridge needs a common substitute and is not advised for children under 16 years of age.


Buoyancy Degrees

A vital factor when acquiring a fishing PFD is its buoyancy. Nevertheless, that’s why you’re getting one, to assist you in staying afloat! Although you’ll generally drift in water if you remain calm, it’s simpler stated than carried out in an emergency. Therefore, PFDs are developed to aid you in staying afloat and give you added buoyancy.

Each PFD will specify the added buoyancy it will undoubtedly provide its wearer. When picking one, many life vests created by fishing will provide between 15.5-17 lbs of buoyancy which is plenty to keep your head above the water with very little anxiety.

The US Coastline Guard mandates that a life vest’s buoyancy should range between 15.5 to 22.5 pounds. Therefore, a 15.5-pound floatation should suffice if you are a competent swimmer. Yet keep in mind that the better the buoyancy of PFD, the bulkier it will undoubtedly be. As well as, the more cumbersome the PFD, the more limited it will undoubtedly be for your whole body movement.



Young man in the red kayak while fishing in the river

Comfort is another variable you must consider when purchasing a kayak fishing life vest. Although using a couple of additional pounds seems like little, having the included weight on your body over a long period will ultimately take its toll. Fishing trips are often long, and you desire the PFD to feel like you’re not wearing it, or you’ll likely experience backache.

Constantly review previous clients’ reviews when acquiring a life vest for fishing and inspect if people have reported it could be more comfortable. Preferably, you may seek a lightweight one with excellent buoyancy that isn’t cumbersome.



An additional indication of an outstanding life vest is its mobility. If it’s getting in the way of angling or paddling, you’ll be taking it off, which totally ruins the point of acquiring one! When turning on a kayak, you will do several upper-body activities with your arms and shoulders. You want one that allows you in these locations.



As we pointed out previously in the section concerning convenience, you intend to seek a lightweight kayaking life vest that still gives enough buoyancy in an emergency. If you need to become a confident swimmer, you can still go kayaking.

However, you’ll likely look for one with even more buoyancy, probably more significant due to the additional materials needed.
Grown-up life vests usually supply around 16-20 lbs of buoyancy however must evaluate about 2– 3 lbs. Any more than that, you’ll get tired quicker and experience back pain on lengthy fishing trips.


Coastline Guard Approved

The US Coast Guard has supplied specific guidelines regarding the high quality and features of life vests and what makes use of different types need to be utilized. You should always want to acquire and utilize a USCG-certified PFD for its authorized activity. Not only will you be much safer out on the water, but if you have insurance coverage, you’ll have to follow their standards to continue being covered.


So, Which Kayak Angling Life Jacket is Finest?

We hope that clarifies what to seek when picking a lifejacket for kayak fishing. You want to look for great buoyancy and pocket space without sacrificing flexibility, comfort, and weight. So we’ve selected the best ones that do every little thing well.

You can only succeed with any one of these if you’re still deciding which one to acquire, but we would certainly suggest the Stohlquist Fisherman PFD. Considering its beautiful reviews, lightweight design, buoyancy, pocket area, and reasonable cost, it’s the best life vest for kayak fishing. For the best price and more reviews, click the button below.


What to Look for When Purchasing a Best Kayak Fishing Life Vests

Professional Fisherman With Life Jacket, Sea Kayak And The Fishi

Regarding kayak fishing, safety should always be a top priority. One essential piece of equipment every angler should have is a reliable and high-quality life vest. Also known as personal flotation devices (PFDs), life vests are designed to keep you afloat in an emergency and provide peace of mind while enjoying your kayak fishing adventures. However, not all life vests are created equal, and choosing the right one can be daunting. This guide will explore the six best kayak fishing life vests and discuss the key factors to consider when purchasing.


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Kayak Fishing Life Vest

Regarding kayak fishing, safety should always be a top priority. One essential piece of equipment that every angler should have is a reliable and high-quality life vest. A kayak fishing life vest, also known as a personal flotation device (PFD), is designed to keep you afloat in an emergency and provide peace of mind while enjoying your fishing adventures. However, with numerous available options, choosing the right one can take time and effort. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a kayak fishing life vest.

  • Buoyancy and Safety Rating: Ensure that the life vest meets the required safety standards and offers sufficient buoyancy to keep you afloat.
  • Fit and Comfort: Look for adjustable straps and a secure fit to ensure comfort and ease of movement while casting or paddling.
  • Storage Options: Consider the number and size of pockets, attachment points, and gear loops to accommodate your fishing essentials.
  • Ventilation: Opt for a life vest with breathable materials, mesh panels, or ventilation ports to keep you cool and prevent overheating.
  • Mobility: Look for a low-profile design and thin foam panels, allowing unrestricted movement and casting.
  • Compatibility with Kayak Seats: Ensure the life vest’s design integrates well with your kayak seat to prevent discomfort during long fishing trips.


Wrapping Up

Selecting the right kayak fishing life vest is crucial for ensuring your safety and enjoyment on the water. The six options discussed in this guide, including the Onyx MoveVent Dynamic, Stohlquist Fisherman, NRS Chinook, Astral V-Eight, NRS Raku, and Kokatat Bahia Tour, are all excellent choices that offer a combination of comfort, functionality, and storage options. When deciding, consider factors such as buoyancy, fit, comfort, storage, ventilation, mobility, and compatibility with your kayak seat. Choosing a high-quality life vest that meets your needs can enhance your kayak fishing experience while prioritizing safety.


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