Best 8 Foot Kayaks

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While there are a lot of huge, sturdy, as well as unwieldy kayaks available, in some cases all you require is an easy-to-paddle as well as light-weight kayak that’s right in the house on secured lakes as well as rivers.

You will not obtain the exact same rate or storage space capability that you will certainly in larger styles. Nonetheless, much shorter kayaks can still serve when made use of in the ideal circumstances.

We’ve had a look at the most effective 8-foot kayaks in different classifications, so you can invest much less time bothering with what design to select and also even more time on the water.

Our Top Picks

If you’re in a rush, right here are our leading choices. Or proceed scrolling to see our complete listing with comprehensive evaluations.

– Best Sit-on-Top: Lifetime Lotus 80

– Best Sit-Inside: Field & Stream Blade 80

– Best for Fishing: Lifetime Hydros Angler 85

Ideal Sit-Inside: Field & Stream Blade 80

Size: 7 ′ 10 ″|Size: 28 ″|Weight: 35 pounds|Ability: 260 pounds

Field and Stream Blade 80

It can be difficult to press attributes as well as devices right into these little kayaks, yet I tip my hat to Field & Stream for doing as long as feasible with the Blade 80’s 7′ 10″ keel.

They’ve integrated device places that can fit most activity electronic cameras like GoPros, allowing you to catch every minute on the water.

You will not locate much storage area in the Blade 80, yet what deck room there is has actually been successfully outlined. Bungee cables have actually been extended throughout the bow as well as strict, making it simpler to protect equipment to the deck without anxiety of shedding it.

The properly designed strict storage space location can fit a five-gallon pail flawlessly. An integrated front console permits storage space of smaller sized individual things you intend to maintain shielded from the aspects. The lots ability of 260-pounds can not manage a lot, yet I like exactly how Field & Stream has actually functioned to make storage space as practical as feasible.

The seat is second best, yet it has a lot of foam and also extra padding to aid maintain you comfy. This might do without claiming, however larger paddlers will certainly have difficulty pressing right into this little, slim watercraft.

When possible, being in a Blade 80 prior to acquiring if you assume it’ll be a limited fit. Otherwise, do not fret; there are roomier sit-on-top kayaks that we’ll go over listed below.

– Built-in cupholder

– Well considered storage area

– Drain plug maintains water from merging

– Cramped suitable for some paddlers

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Ideal Sit-on-Top: Lifetime Lotus 80

Size: 8 ′|Size: 30 ″|Weight: 38 pounds|Capability: 250 pounds


A gritty, light-weight watercraft that paddlers of all experience degrees ought to have the ability to navigate and also guide with little problem. The brief keel as well as fairly slim light beam imply that the Lifetime Lotus 80 can transform on a penny, making it fantastic for busy locations or pressing in and also out of difficult situations.

Commonly, discounted sit-on-top kayaks of this dimension deal with security concerns. Still, Lifetime has actually headed out of its method to guarantee that tipping over isn’t a concern. The key remains in the multi-chine hull as well as twin skegs on the vessel’s bottom.

These 2 functions offer shocking security for a watercraft of this dimension, and also the twin skeg set up assists with monitoring, an additional concern that typically pesters kayaks of this dimension. All that claimed, this isn’t the watercraft to handle substantial crossings or difficult water. Rather, it ought to stay in tranquility, shielded locations and also never ever be taken as well much from coast.

You can not anticipate much storage room in a kayak of this dimension, and also there’s no completely dry storage area to mention. Nevertheless, the open demanding does offer adequate storage space for excursion. It can fit a good-sized knapsack, as well as bungee cables are extended throughout the demanding to maintain your things protect as you paddle.

The seat is quite barebone, with all-time low constructed from tough plastic, though the back has some extra padding and also can be changed. For your feet, numerous footwells offer you something to support versus while you paddle and also fit sufficient over brief ranges.

– Decent-sized storage area in the demanding

– Solid monitoring for a kayak of this dimension

– Tiny lots capability

– Weighs just 38-pounds

– Paddle consisted of from many distributors

– Low full throttle

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Best for Fishing: Lifetime Hydros Angler 85

Size: 8′ 5 ″|Size: 29 ″|Weight: 43 pounds|Capability: 225 pounds


We’re gon na rip off a little, as well as provide you a kayak simply a color over 8 feet for our finest angling kayak in this group. The Lifetime Hydros Angler 85 is still light-weight as well as very easy to lug, and also the additional 5 inches combined with the narrower beam of light suggests you can coax a little bit even more rate out of this design. It does not make it a rate racer, yet it’ll aid you reach and also from your angling opening quicker.

Angling kayaks enjoy to push different devices right into the hull to make life less complicated, and also Lifetime is no exemption. You will not discover the very same modification alternatives offered in bigger designs. Still, Lifetime has actually handled to construct in a set of flush-mounted pole owners as well as a flexible one positioned in the center of the watercraft.

There isn’t much in the means of devoted storage space, which is not surprising for a kayak of this dimension with a tons capability of 225-pounds. Yet there is some storage room in the strict, and also the open deck style implies you can fit some angling equipment in the cabin with you as long as you maintain every little thing arranged.

Like Lifetime’s various other kayak styles, the Angler 85 functions a pontoon-style hull that offers it unusual security. It’s not secure sufficient to stand as well as cast from, yet really feels comfy as long as you maintain it in tranquil water and also do not attempt to head out outdoors sea.

For convenience, the set up resembles Lifetime’s various other offerings. The seat base is tough plastic, yet the back is flexible as well as halfway decent cushioned. Footwells offer you something to support versus as you paddle and also are positioned in a way that the majority of paddlers must have the ability to discover a comfy placement.

– Excellent security for a kayak of this dimension

– Paddle consisted of from many sellers

– Comes with 3 integrated pole owners

– No various other personalization choices besides the pole owners

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What’s a reasonable cost for an 8-foot kayak?

In the existing globe of supply chain hold-ups, costs of made use of kayaks have actually soared. This is specifically real in the summer season when need overtakes supply. If you hold your horses, waiting up until the off-season will certainly decrease the need. If you are established to jump on the water quickly, prepare to pay a costs.

In general, kayaks hold their worth well. It’s unusual to locate any type of utilized watercraft provided for much less than fifty percent of its initial cost. Typically talking, 8 foot kayaks are quite low-cost to start with, so you might do equally as well grabbing a brand-new 8 feet kayak at an end-of-season sale.

Lastly, bear in mind that taking the kayak for an examination paddle is the most effective method to locate if the 8 foot kayak benefits you, in regards to efficiency, dealing with, convenience and also fit.

8-Foot Kayak Buying Advice

Recognizing the distinction in between specific kayaks is very important, however having a company structure on the different qualities of a kayak will certainly allow you to select in between a varied variety of versions. Our acquiring recommendations will certainly clarify all the variables that enter into picking a kayak as well as highlight the toughness as well as weak points of our preferred 8-foot kayaks.

Sit-Inside vs. Sit-On-Top

The very first choice you need to make is whether you desire a sit-inside kayak like the Blade 80 or a sit-on-top like Lifetime Lotus or Angler 85. Both layouts have details staminas and also weak points that must be taken into consideration.

Sit-inside kayaks have actually a specified as well as a lot more confined cabin, with the kayak’s deck covering your legs and also reduced upper body. Nonetheless, given that you’re seated under of the kayak’s hull as well as closer to the water, sit-in kayaks can be narrower without giving up security, making them extra effective to paddle.

They likewise supply much more security from the aspects considering that much of your body is under the deck. You can completely confine the cabin by utilizing a spray skirt that walks around the brushing of the kayak and also stops water from trickling right into your lap as you paddle.

The downside to this layout exists’s a whole lot much less leg space or room to relocate about in basic, specifically if you’re a larger or taller paddler. This is amplified in the Blade 80 because it’s such a brief as well as slim watercraft.

While still plenty secure, sit-in kayaks can really feel a lot more tippy if you’re brand-new to kayaking as a result of the narrower hull. They shake to and fro greater than their larger sit-on-top equivalents as well as can really feel awkward if you’re simply beginning.

Sit-on-top kayaks are a little bit a lot more flexible when it involves security. They really feel a little stronger beneath you, making them a great option for all experience degrees paddling in cozy atmospheres.

The seat is improved top of the deck, positioning you greater over the water as well as calling for a broader light beam to keep security. This will certainly lower your rate however can be useful if you’re paddling an Angler 85 as well as attempting to detect institutions of fish or cast with higher precision.

The cabins are additionally open, providing you even more space to extend as well as relocate, making them a much better option for huge kayakers that do not mind obtaining a little damp.


All 3 kayaks on this checklist are made from one of the most usual product utilized when it pertains to kayaks. This is a difficult plastic referred to as polyethylene.

While this plastic is much heavier than various other products typically made use of in kayak building, the much shorter keels of these watercrafts negate this concern.

Polyethylene is preferred for its remarkable toughness. These kayaks can soak up decreases or harsh coastline touchdowns and also maintain precisely going. You’ll need to strive to punch a victory of these watercrafts.

Upkeep is additionally fairly simple. There’s marginal maintenance, and also as lengthy as you do not groove deep scrapes in the hull, it ought to last a very long time.


You will not be damaging any kind of rate documents with this kayak dimension. On the water, there’s a solid connection in between the size of a vessel’s keel and also just how rapid it can go. The longer the keel, the much faster the watercraft, though size likewise contributes.

While the Angler 85 is practically a bit longer as well as might have the ability to elude the various other 2 versions, the distinction in rate is rather minimal. All these watercrafts will certainly have problem staying up to date with their longer relatives.

If you’re just intending on pursuing field trip that will not need you to take a trip fars away, this will not be much of a problem.

However if your trip will certainly call for longer days covering numerous miles each time, I would certainly take into consideration one more group with a longer-keeled kayak.

Ability to move

While none of these watercrafts include an integrated tail, they still take care of to be quite manoeuvrable. Lengthy keels might be fantastic for rate, however much shorter kayaks can dance circle them, at the very least over brief ranges.

These watercrafts all have a superb turn distances, making them very easy for paddlers of all experience degrees to regulate with little problem. The Blade 80 is exceptionally manoeuvrable many thanks to it being simply a little narrower as well as a sit-inside kayak.


Much shorter kayaks need to make some sacrifices because of an absence of area. However, the very comfortable seats discovered in bigger versions is among them.

The Lifetime kayaks have a quite easy seat. All-time low is built plastic that’s constructed right into the watercraft’s hull. The back cushioning is respectable sufficient however definitely nothing unique. They are simple to change, nonetheless, which is a great benefit. The footwell system isn’t my preferred layout yet does a great work for day paddles.

The Blade 80 does include some cushioning under of the seat to support the back. The disadvantage is the much more confined cabin which can be challenging for some to press right into.

Security & Tracking

For their dimension, all 3 watercrafts on our listing function superb security. I especially like both Lifetime watercrafts’ pontoon and also multi-chine hull layout. Because of this, newbies can introduce with confidence as well as feel comfortable on the water.

Tracking is good sufficient, however like rate, the much shorter keels of these 8-foot watercrafts significantly top their benefit. Because of this, tracking ends up being a concern for these versions in any type of kind of climate.

Wind, trend, waves, as well as various other exterior components can make it really testing to preserve your training course. As a result you ought to maintain these kayaks on smooth lakes as well as rivers. I ‘d just take among these kayaks on the sea if I was intending on remaining near to coast, and also it was a smooth day in an extremely safeguarded body of water like a bay or inlet.


That challenging plastic outside implies these watercrafts can lose. However, I would certainly still prevent dragging my polyethylene kayak whenever I can as well as do my finest to introduce and also land meticulously, specifically on rough coastlines.

Harsh therapy can bring about leaks, deep grooves, or scrapes in the hull, reducing rate and also paddling effectiveness. Considering that these are currently sluggish kayaks, anything you can do to make the most of rate is excellent.

If you can, keep your kayak in a climate-controlled location like a garage. Nonetheless, an exterior room is great, also, if that’s all you have accessibility to. The crucial point is to maintain it out of straight sunshine.

Transportability & Storage

Possibly one of the most substantial benefit of having an 8-foot kayak is exactly how simple it is to move. Every one of the kayaks on this checklist consider much less than 50-pounds as well as ought to be workable for numerous paddlers to lug themselves without assistance. If you require an added hand, all the kayaks have manages to make tandem portages easier.

Nonetheless, storage space ability is a problem when contrasted to bigger versions. There’s just a lot space to commit to storage room, as well as the smaller sized hulls indicate the lots abilities are marginal. The Blade 80 has the most effective storage space ability of the 3, however also this is simply 260-pounds.

All 3 kayaks have al fresco storage space in the demanding, where equipment can be safeguarded with bungee cables. The Blade 80 likewise has the benefit of having the ability to jam some tools down by your feet for a bit of safeguarded storage area. This relies on how much time your legs are, however.

For those new to kayaking, let’s delve into how the length of your kayak significantly influences its performance.

Below are response to several of one of the most typical online inquiries concerning 8 foot kayaks

– Are 8-foot kayaks excellent?

If you are searching for a kayak that is very easy to navigate, 8 feet is an excellent size. These watercrafts will certainly rotate on a cent, ideal for checking out twisting rivers, marshes as well as various other tranquil waters. An 8-foot kayak additionally creates a perfect young people kayak; children can quickly manage these kayaks without seeming like they are paddling a tub. Grown-up paddlers with smaller sized frameworks will certainly additionally really feel comfy in these much shorter kayaks.

– Is an 8 feet kayak as well tiny?

For paddlers with bigger frameworks, an 8-foot kayak can really feel also little. Lengthy legs might not fit conveniently in 8-foot kayak cabins. Additionally inspect the 8-foot kayak’s optimum capability; generally, much shorter kayaks will certainly have reduced weight capabilities than longer ones. If you are close to (or over) this capability, take a look at a longer kayak. Various other suppliers might supply dimension graphes.

If the exact same design is supplied in 8-, 10- as well as 12-foot variations, think about them as “Small, “Medium” and also “Large.” The very best means to assess whether an 8-foot kayak matches your body dimension is to being in it as well as see exactly how it really feels for you.

The various other facet where you’ll intend to think about dimension connects to just how you intend on utilizing the kayak. Longer kayaks are much faster and also much better matched for covering longer ranges. If you are getting a kayak to paddle with buddies, examine what size watercrafts they make use of. An 8-foot kayak will certainly have problem staying up to date with 14-foot day visiting watercrafts, regardless of exactly how solid the paddler.

– Difference in between 8- as well as 10-foot kayaks.

The primary distinction in between an 8 feet vs 10 feet kayak is move and also ability to move. Generally, a 10 foot kayak uses a lot more slide, while an 8 foot kayak will certainly be simpler to manage. Added storage space ability (or resting area, when it comes to a sit-on-top kayak) is one more benefit of a much longer 10 feet kayak.

Efficiency enhances with size in many entertainment kayak layouts, so pick a longer watercraft if you’re searching for a much better flight– simply bear in mind that a much longer watercraft might be harder to take care of if you’re a smaller sized individual.

– Who makes an 8-foot kayak?

While 8-foot kayaks are much less usual than kayaks in the 9- to 11-foot variety, lots of prominent leisure kayak brand names like Pelican as well as Sun Dolphin use 8-foot versions. Life time makes an 8-foot angling kayak, and also Intex uses a blow up the very same dimension.

– 8-ft kayak weight restriction

As a result of their smaller sized style, 8-foot kayaks’ weight limitations will certainly be much less than that of a 10- or 12-footer. Weight limitations differ by version, however a lot of 8-foot sit-inside kayaks’ capabilities are about 200 extra pounds, while sit-on-tops can sustain a little bit much more, closer to 225 extra pounds.

The Verdict

There’s an excellent quantity of small kayaks readily available that, while inexpensive, aren’t worth your time. It’s essential that you locate a kayak with reputable security without compromising what bit speed you can handle from these layouts.

All 3 of these kayaks attain this equilibrium, as well as selecting the most effective 8-foot kayak for you comes down to what you intend on utilizing it for. The Field & Stream Blade 80 is amazing if you’ll be paddling in chillier, wetter atmospheres and also desire a couple of personalized alternatives.

While both the Lifetime Lotus 80 as well as Lifetime Hydros Angler 85 have affordable monitoring and also even more open deck room for bigger paddlers.

Whichever watercraft is appropriate for you, we wish this short article has actually aided you limit your choice procedure, as well as we can not wait to see you on the water!

The water doesn't know how old you are.

Best 8 Foot Kayak Comparison Table

8 Foot Kayak Length Width Weight Capacity
Field & Stream Blade 80 7′10″ 28″ 35 lbs 260 lbs
Lifetime Lotus 80 8′ 30″ 38 lbs 250 lbs
Lifetime Hydros Angler 85 8’5″ 29″ 43 lbs 225 lbs

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